Fraud and Deceptive Practices

Fraud and misrepresentation victims often find their best recourse is through the civil courts, whether or not the authorities have prosecuted criminally. Lawsuits for commercial torts can provide financial compensation for resulting losses from misdeeds. Reybroek Law has experience representing clients in various business litigation matters, including fraud and misrepresentation.

Employer/employee disputes

Business owners understand the importance of retaining legal counsel to resolve employment-related disputes. Conflict resolution is a key aspect of positive employer-employee relations and ensures the continuity of business operations. Employees require the advocacy of legal counsel to take advantage of the protection afforded them by law. The employment practice group at Reybroek Law represents employers and employees in disputes.

Breach of Contract

A breach of contract claim can include almost any breach of an obligation. The obligation might be expressly contained in an agreement or might even be implied from other terms of the agreement. The agreement could be in writing or could even be verbal. The breach of contract might give rise to a claim in damages. Reybroek Law handles litigation arising from all types of contractual breaches.

Intellectual Property Disputes

Reybroek Law provides comprehensive legal services essential to obtaining, maintaining, protecting and transferring intellectual property rights for products, processes and services, including trademarks, copyrights, trade dress, trade secrets, licensing, technology transfer, and non-disclosure and non-compete agreements. We ensure that the value of client intellectual property rights is established, maintained and enforced at the highest level possible.

Debt Collection

Reybroek Law acts in both large and complex debt collection matters to enforce creditor’s rights, including unpaid sale of goods and international sales of goods, accounts receivables, enforcement of payment of a promissory note or other contractual debt, enforcement of the return of valuable assets, loaned or leased, multi-jurisdictional, coordinated debt collection and enforcement of creditor’s rights, and recovery of offshore assets.

Partnership Disputes

Disputes within a partnership or joint venture partnership disrupt the business. If not dealt with quickly and professionally, it can have a long term effect on your reputation in the business community, on the confidence of your trading partners, and perhaps even the viability of the partnership. Reybroek Law represents small and mid-sized Ontario partnerships, limited liability partnerships (LLPs) and joint ventures.