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public transportation accident?

Any public or private organization that offers transportation to the general public for a fee is considered a common carrier. As such, it is held to a higher standard of care than private individuals. The drivers and operators must have appropriate training, and the vehicles must meet certain safety requirements. If a violation of these responsibilities results directly in the injury of a third party, the organization can be held liable for the damages that occur. You can rely on Reybroek to help you obtain the accident benefits and financial compensation you are eligible to receive.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to provide in a public transportation case?

In a public transportation case documentation of your accident is key. We must first determine who is responsible and liable, whether it is the transit service or driver of the vehicle.

Can Reybroek assist me if I was hit by a public transportation vehicle?

Yes. We also represent pedestrians, drivers, cyclists and others who have been hit and injured by a bus, train, or other form of public transit. Whether you were injured in a railroad crossing accident or were hit by a bus while crossing the street, you can rely on us to help you obtain the accident benefits and financial compensation you are eligible to receive.

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