Wrongful Dismissal

An employee is wrongfully dismissed when an employer terminates the employee without notice of termination or a fair payment in lieu of notice. We will help to determine if you are entitled to severance and make sure that your legal position is not prejudiced by any actions that you take.

Constructive Dismissal

If your employer has changed a fundamental term of your employment without your approval then you may have been constructively dismissed. Constructive dismissal may include: Sexual harassment, workplace harassment or bullying, decrease in hours of work, shift change without employee approval, a decrease in compensation or benefits.

Employment Litigation

Reybroek Law represents businesses and employees in employment disputes throughout Ontario. If you are considering terminating an employee, if you have received a claim for wrongful dismissal, or you are seeking legal advice on your entitlements on termination and representation in an employment law case, we’ve got your back.

Termination of Employment

Employers in Ontario are required to provide employees with ‘reasonable notice of termination’. Failing to do so is a form of wrongful dismissal. Reasonable notice of termination is a requirement to provide advance working notification of a future termination date. Reybroek Law Reybroek Law represents businesses and employees in employment disputes throughout Ontario.

Severance Packages

We represent clients whose employers did not offer fair severance packages. In many cases, employers offer a less than reasonable amount based on the assumption that many of their employees will just accept what they are offered. Call Reybroek Law and let us help you get the severance you are entitled to.

Employment Contracts

Employment contracts can affect an employee’s rights. Terms regarding probation periods, termination, post-employment restrictions, bonuses and shareholder agreements can impact the amount of severance an employee will or will not receive, and whether they can work in the field after their departure.