Have you been injured
in a pedestrian accident?

Pedestrians have rights. With alarming frequency, hurried, careless and distracted drivers violate those rights. Many victims of pedestrian accidents are children or senior citizens, but anyone can be seriously injured by a driver who just isn’t paying attention. Reybroek will help you obtain all the accident benefits and financial compensation you are legally entitled to receive.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is at fault in pedestrian accidents?

Compared to those injured in other types of car accidents, people injured in car-pedestrian accidents have a lower hurdle to overcome when filing a claim against the at-fault driver. When an auto hits a pedestrian in Ontario, the law assumes that the driver of the vehicle is at fault unless he or she can prove otherwise. Our law firm has successfully recovered compensation for pain and suffering, and lost income due to pedestrian accidents, including those involving:

  • Not crossing at an intersection
  • Not crossing in the crosswalk
  • Children who ran into the street

Can Reybroek assist me if I was hit by a public transportation vehicle?

Yes. We represent pedestrians, drivers, cyclists and others who have been hit and injured by a bus, train, or other form of public transit. Whether you were injured in a railroad crossing accident, or were hit by a bus while crossing the street, you can rely on us to help you obtain the accident benefits and financial compensation you are eligible to receive.

What does no-fault insurance mean and how does it apply to me?

When a driver has been in an accident, no-fault auto insurance allows the driver to collect from his or her insurance company no matter who was at fault. If you were injured in a car accident and you were at fault, you are still eligible to receive accident benefits from your own insurance company. If you were not at fault for the accident you are eligible for accident benefits as well as a tort claim.

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