Quote: Better Understanding of Car Insurance

“Let me explain how car insurance works in Ontario. To understand it, we’re going to change car accident to theft. Instead of $50,000 in damages to your person, I steal $50,000 from you personally. I get caught. I even admit I stole it. Now it’s up to YOU to prove that you really, really, seriously need that money. If I can show that while it’s not great for you but you won’t lose your house or your car, you can still pay for groceries, etc., that the amount of money is not “serious” to you, I don’t have to pay you one single penny. NOTHING. ZERO. ZILCH. ZIP. But let’s say you prove you need that money desperately. It’s a matter of being homeless, sleeping on the streets, begging for money or starving. Ok, so now that you’ve proven it’s ‘serious’, I owe you the $50,000, right? Wrong. I get a deductible of about $37,000, indexed annually. That means it goes up every year. I owe you $13,000. Unless I drag it out for years and years, fighting about how serious it is. Then maybe I only owe you $12,000 or even $11,000. But you never, ever get your $50,000 back from me. Oh, and I’m a multi-billion dollar, multinational corporation.

THAT’S car insurance in Ontario.”

-Todd Reybroek